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Find new artists, hidden gems and lost classics, with millions of songs from thousands of artists at your fingertips. It’s all here.

Australian focus

JB Hi-Fi NOW is committed to giving you the latest and greatest from home, as well as your favourite music from all over the world.

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Easily search for Artists, Albums, Songs, Mixes, discover Styles and other Fans.
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Supporting Australian talent since 1974.

Music, the way you like it

It’s easy to create a Mix. Choose the songs you love, add some colour, and give your mixes some life. Make as many as you like.

Handcrafted mixes

Listen to mixes created by artists, JB Hi-Fi NOW staff and shared by thousands of fans. Curated music added all the time.


  • Unlimited Music Streaming
  • Stream on 2 mobile devices
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  • AirPlay & SONOS streaming

Millions of songs, thousands of artists.

How do I get started with JB HI-FI NOW?

That’s easy. See that big yellow ‘Try for Free’ button near the top of the page? Just click it and you will be on your way to unlimited music. If your free trial is up, just choose a paid subscription option to keep discovering and listening.

Am I locked in to long term contracts?

There is no obligation to enter into any long term commitments.

How does JB HI-FI NOW work?

We stream music over the internet through your browser, or on your mobile via the Apps. You can store your favourites on your phone, and listen to them anywhere, anytime. Your music, the way you want it, where you want it.

Why can’t I find an artist?

Some artists have chosen not to make their music available for certain online streaming services. We really hope that they change their minds in the future, so we can share the love.

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